Wells Halloween: Terrifying tales about local haunt The Crown

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By abbie_wells | Friday, October 26, 2012, 15:55

Your local haunt, The Crown in Wells, has been standing in Wells Market Place since the fifteenth century and we now know that the pub has a very haunted history...

Many guests and staff have claimed to have had eerie experiences including huge fluctuations in temperatures, changes in the atmosphere and light-switches with a mind of their own.

These things could all be down to coincidence and a stretch of the imagination, but there's more…

Staff have in the past spotted images of people wandering through the Penn Bar on CCTV in spite of the fact the bar was long since empty and closed. Many have also spied ghostly apparitions peering through glass windows.

Most alarmingly, there was a spate of bottom pinching in the Bistrot a few years back, which was originally a stable. Staff believe this could be down to a cheeky but spooky stable boy.

One guest claims she saw a Cavalier soldier running through one of the bedrooms in a "terrified state".

Craig Churches, house manager at the crown, decided to share a paranormal experience of his own…

When locking up late one night,  Craig remembered he had to return to the lounge to complete a small task and did so without bothering to turn the lights back on.

When he turned and headed towards the exit he came face to face with a ghostly tall slim figure standing in front of the fireplace by the Bistrot. The figure was staring, intensely, straight at him.

Craig describes the figure as "Victorian-looking with a moustache, jet black hair slicked back who was wearing a waistcoat and suit trousers."

With a blink of an eye the aspiration vanished and a confused Craig made hasty exit from the building.

The Crown's live-on manager also had a late night fright when he came in and heard banging coming from the cellar.

He said: "It sounded like someone was thumping beer barrels with a mallet."

He shot up the stairs and locked himself in the flat, only to find the next morning, a mallet that was usually hung up in the bottom corner of the cellar, lying on the first step.

And now for possibly the most bizarre occurrence to happen at the Crown…

Maddeningly neat pyramid-shaped piles of black Barley seeds were found by housekeeping staff on pillows in a number of rooms.

After continued sightings on the pillows and finding no evidence to suggest guests had left them the seeds were sent to analysts.

It was confirmed that Barley seeds were often used in medieval times to ward off evil spirits.

A 'phantom bed cover' was also wreaking havoc in one of the rooms where a businessman was staying.

He didn't manage to sleep a wink because the bedcover in his room was playing a not-so-friendly game of tug of war with him.

On the first night he woke up to find his bedcover on the other side of the room and the next night he had a fight with the bed cover to keep it on the bed.

There have been many other ghostly sightings and eerie experiences from guests and staff at the Crown, so if you want to find out more, ask a member of staff for a copy of The Crown's Ghost Stories.

 There is also a Halloween party being held at the Crown on this spooky holiday, click here to find out more and find out about other ghastly goings on around the town this Halloween 2012.



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