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What do people think about the Wetherspoons coming to Wells? To make my thoughts known; I can't stand the idea. It will take away from Wells' character and we have some brilliant independently run pubs in the centre anyway. I know in these times we need revenue from tourists to boost our economy but I think Wells should by no means be attracting the sort of visitors who enjoy that heinous chain. Anyone?


By hazardousduke at 08:51 on 07/09/12

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    I think it's bad news. There are plenty independent pubs in Wells who are already facing challenging times without this completely unnecessary addition. Hopefully they vote against it again as it will add nothing to Wells other than cheap booze and microwave meals.

    By Hoff_UK at 12:56 on 07/09/12

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    I don't understand it personally, Wells has clearly said no and Wetherspoons keep digging their heels in. A spokesperson said this: "A Wetherspoon pub will be an asset to the town and a good addition to its social scene"... I think we all know what that means, considering the "social scenes" demonstrated in other Wetherspoons across the country.

    Obviously they'll bring jobs to the area and possibly even a bit more money but I'm not sure it's worth it.

    Ah well, 15 out of 17 on the council voted against it last year, maybe the same will happen again!

    By abbie_wells at 15:13 on 07/09/12

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    Hmm, I do hope they vote against it again, I have a feeling Wetherspoons will keep pushing and pushing until they barge their way into Wells.

    By hazardousduke at 21:45 on 07/09/12

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    Wetherspoons for Wells, a match made in heaven. A previous comment has suggested Wells could do without attracting those that use 'that heinous chain'. There is no need to attract these people to Wells, as they are already here. The notion, as once declared by one of our out of touch councillors, that the people of Wells are 'too genteel' is, frankly, quite ludicrous. No, far better to maintain the cosy status quo where local people get fleeced by 'independently run' taverns, than to introduce competition from a company who deliver good value for money. Perhaps Wells should be renamed Royston Vasey and no-one is allowed to in to open a business unless they are 'local'? The consensus of this page seems to be very anti Wetherspoons and I can't help but think that there must be one or two vested interests being defended. That is evidently the case of the local councillors' , after the last vote being so vehemently against the chain. Whether Wells will wake up with Wetherspoons one Wednesday, we will wait and see. I, for one, hope it does.

    By derek69 at 15:56 on 03/05/13

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    After reading this article it appears that Wetherspoons are one step closer to opening a pub in Wells

    By diehardsteven at 18:51 on 10/05/13


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